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This operation for weight loss involves the irreversible removal of over 80% of the stomach, leaving the patient (you!) with a narrow, long, tubular stomach. The word ‘sleeve’ is probably inappropriate, as it implies covering the stomach with something. This is not so. Your stomach just becomes narrow and tubular.

You will eat somewhere around ½ cup to 1 cup of food and be full! Hunger, which destroys almost every diet, is not an issue. There are still dietary rules to follow long term, as there are with all weight loss operations, and they are the same for all.

  • Zero Calorie Liquids
  • Eat and drink at separate times
  • Small portions of good/solid food

When designing this website, I had to decide on content. I could just rehash what is on almost every medical weight loss website, or I could try something different. So, I have decided to share my personal perspective on weight loss surgery, warts and all.

Firstly, there is no perfect operation. If gastric bypass, which has been around for over 40 years, was the answer, alternative operations would not have emerged. Many of my patients are quite young, and the idea of creating a small stomach pouch and re-routing the bowel seems very aggressive, which it is. That does not mean that there is no place for bypass. But it is just part of the puzzle.

In this field of surgery, operations tend to come and go, as time decides their usefulness. Laparoscopic adjustable banding was hugely popular for many years. I personally performed this surgery for 10 years, but experience showed me that the results were varied and often disappointing. Whilst I had some very successful outcomes, most patients did not do well long-term, through no fault of either them or me.

So why Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Dr Andrew Russell has been performing this procedure since 2008 and with experience of nearly 2000 patients have found this operation very reliable in terms of weight loss, with the vast majority of patients achieving significant weight loss but still maintaining a very good quality of eating i.e., can eat almost everything, just in very small amounts. It transforms lives, which gives him great satisfaction! Dr Andrew Russell is also a realist and recognises that there are not perfect operations. If, for whatever reason, the sleeve fails to deliver the desired results long-term, there are always options available e.g., conversion to single loop bypass or standard bypass. But Dr Andrew Russell believes that this operation is relatively straightforward, reliable and very good in achieving great weight loss in the vast majority of patients who undergo it.

Morbid obesity is a chronic disease, and weight loss surgery has to work for life. Dr Andrew Russell believes this operation is a magnificent starting point, and if it doesn’t work for you forever, there will always be other options available, but he has been very impressed with the results of his patients so far.

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How do I access obesity surgery?

The first step is to determine if you are a candidate, and to meet with Dr Andrew Russell. Our obesity sugury require a referral from your doctor (such as your GP) to access health insurance or medicare. You can ask your doctor for a referral to Dr Andrew Russell. You may also be eligible to access your super to fund your weight loss surgery.

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